It seems like yesterday that my wife opened up the box to her new iPhone 6 and jumped up and down for joy. That wide smile she shot my way while editing a new picture, made me smile right back at her. Repeatedly she kept stating how much she loved the new screen real estate and that she could never go back to her old iPhone 5c. Well, if you’re like my wife then the new rumor floating across "The Ether" isn’t going to be your cup of tea.


The rumor states that a 4" screen iPhone is in the works [1][2] and that this phone (aka iPhone 6c) might replace the aging 5c as the low end model in the iPhone lineup [1], which is also a 4 inch wide screen. All of this makes sense because as Apple moves forward in technology it can’t risk alienating the users who like their iPhones to be relatively small, but still want the latest processors and screens. I’m of the lot that I like my iPhone to be bigger than the old Razor phones, but not so big that I can’t quickly and comfortably place it in the front pocket of my jeans. That said, I’m quite happy with my 5c and rather intrigued about possibly having a faster phone that’s not the size of my iPad. Who knows maybe it will come with Near Field Communication (NFC) built in; Apple Pay here I come!

I’d like to know what you think, so please post a comment on whether or not Apple should move backward & forward at the same time by building this new iPhone.

Side note: Here is a link for all those wanting to see the specifications on all of the iPhones that are currently in the lineup (6+, 6, 5s, 5c): Link



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