No matter where I go, I’m the “Mac Guy.” Because of this questions about Apple products are inevitable, and impromptu training sessions requested. To keep things short, let's just hit two of the most asked questions: “How do I get more battery life?” and “How can I make my iPhone more secure?”

Let’s tackle the battery question first. Since your iPhone wants to keep you connected to the Internet at all times, it constantly looks for Wi-Fi connections to do so. As you might have guessed this takes up a lot of energy, so one of the most simple (albeit annoying) things you can do is to toggle off the Wi-Fi when you walk out your door. Not only does this help your battery life but it helps in securing your iPhone too.

Below is a list of things you can do to save battery life:

(1) Lower the brightness level (Settings/Display & Brightness. You can also access it by swiping upwards from the bottom of your screen.)

(2) Kill Bluetooth (Settings/Bluetooth/Pull toggle to the left. You can also access it by swiping upwards from the bottom of your screen.)

(3) Choose what apps use your location in the background when left running (Settings/Privacy/Location Services/choose app)

You might say, “Those are great tips Justin but how does turning off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth help secure my iPhone?” Barring the ability to toggle on “Ask to Join Networks” (located in Settings/Wi-Fi) turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi stops your iPhone from automatically connecting to open Wi-Fi networks and devices. Meaning that turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cuts out one of the options for those trying to grab your information.

Not convinced that turning off your Wi-Fi is worth the effort? Here is an article from that may change your mind (pay particular attention to the third paragraph). While it is disturbing how simple it is to take your information, it doesn’t mean you have to leave your iPhone at home or wrap it in tinfoil. In fact, Kaspersky, a titan in the security industry, has a nice list for you to peruse so you can pick out the solutions to the security problems which are pressing to you.

To sum things up, I still recommend turning off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you leave home, but we all work and access our information differently, so please implement the security solutions that work for you. Just don’t procrastinate too long because those early morning coffee runs or trips to the grocery store, can turn out to be information giveaway sessions.


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