“Justin, I love my Mac, but I’m concerned that I can’t use it at work.” 

“Do you happen to know of a project management software, other than Microsoft Project, that I can use for my professional tracking and managing of projects?” 


This is how a conversation started with one of my friends who truly loves his Mac but was scared to do his Project Management work on it. 

Before I gave him the name of the Mac app though, I told him that he could actually run Microsoft Project on his Mac if he wanted to. His eyes lit up and he said, “Really?” 

“How would I do that?” 

I explained that he could use virtualization software (VMware Fusion, Parallels), or the Bootcamp feature that was built into his Mac to run MS Project on Windows 10. The hopeful glimmer in his eyes dimmed a little, but he liked having the options. 

“I love the way the Mac operating system looks and feels though.” he said with a slight sigh. 

“So, what’s the Mac equivalent of MS Project?” he said while slumpping back into his chair.

"Simple Genius Project Pro 5” I quickly stated.

"It was developed by a Project and Program Manager for Project and Program managers. You’ll find that it has everything MS Project has and more. Also, it cost less, can be used on all Apple devices and has reports that everyone can understand.” I said while opening my Macbook Pro. 

“I’ve used it for a few projects and absolutely love it.” 

By this time he was on the edge of his seat, "So what’s the price tag?”

“$199” I said with a smile.


I’ll spare you the rest of the dialogue but it’s fair to say that he was shocked because $199 is a small price to pay when compared to both editions of MS Project (MS Project Standard is $599, while MS Project Pro is a whopping $1159.99).

So, for all of you who own a Mac and need a professional project management application(s), Simple Genius is the way to go. 

Here are the prices and links to each one:

SG Project Pro 5 ($199.99) 

SG Project OnePage 5 ($49.99) 

SG Project 5 ($24.99 with in-app purchases)

SG Project Sketcher 5 ($49.99)

If you would like to buy all of the Mac apps from SG, they'll tip their hat to you and give a hefty discount of $70. Here is the link to get it: Bundle

If you don’t own a Mac but have an iPad, you can either buy each one individually: 

SG Project Pro 5 ($49.99)

SG Project 5 (Free)

SG Project One Page 5 ($24.99)

SG Project Sketcher 5 ($24.99)

or bundle them all together to get a 20% discount.

The iPhone only has two SG applications but if you’re highly mobile, without your iPad, or simply don’t own an iPad, SG Project Go Pro 5 will certainly do: 

SG Project Go Pro 5 ($24.99)

SG Project Go 5 (Free)

That’s it for now everyone. Happy Gantting!