As many of you gather at a family member’s house this turkey day, you will find out that you have a lot of time to pass before you can enjoy the beautiful feast that is slowly taking over the table. So, what can you do to pass the time?

Well, if you happen to have your trusty iPhone at hand, I recommend trying a few things with it to engage not only you, but other family members in having a great time.

My suggestions are:

1) Use your iPhone to record this special event. You can do it professionally with these applications: Day One, iMovie, and Camera+. Camera+ is a great photo application that allows you take pictures and immediately apply some of the best filters on the market. (Video is important too, so don’t forget your iPhone has two very capable lenses that record in high definition with the built-in camera app.)

Once you capture the photos you want, make sure to add a few to the Day One journal. If you’ve never used a journal before don’t worry Day One makes it a breeze. Just drop the photo in and jot down a couple lines about how you feel; there is nothing else to it.

Lastly, iMovie can help you quickly create a polished home video that your entire family will love. Of course, you have to take some video shots to accomplish this task, but your iPhone makes this a simple exercise. (You can get one of the little tikes running around to grab a few scenes.)

2) Use your iPhone to play family games in a whole new way. Here are some games that almost everyone has played and are sure to keep you and your loved ones entertained: Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Life, Heads Up, and Movie Cat 1 & 2.

All of these games can be played by passing your iPhone aroud as each persons turn comes up, or you can use AirPlay and project your iPhone screen onto the T.V. and have one person play for everyone. Not to diminish the three traditional games (Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Life) but my wife and I love the Movie Cat applications and Heads Up. Movie Cat 1 and Movie Cat 2 will have everyone remembering the movies they love, including the black and white ones from Grandma and Papa’s time, while Heads Up will have everyone laughing to tears (It’s Ellen DeGeneres’s app, so it’s easy to see why you’ll be in stitches).

Hopefully these ideas will make your Thanksgiving Day a little more special and a bit more fun. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and stay safe on those busy roads when going home.

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