While Sugarplums may have danced in the beautiful little dreams of yesteryear’s tots, the latest game or iOS app is what ballets through today’s children’s dreams. Of course it’s fine to let your little one enjoy his/her time playing an hour of a mindless game (we all need a release) but you know you would feel better if they were learning something while vegging out. Well, here is a teacher approved list of the latest apps for your little tike, or tween to play over the winter break:

(All apps are for iPhone and iPad)

Grades K-3

I) Super Reader (iPhone)(iPad)(Bundle)

This app is meant for grades: K & 1 (Helps with reading comprehension)

II) Super Reader (iPhone)(iPad)(Bundle)

This app is meant for grades: 2 & 3 (Helps with reading comprehension)

III) Pretend:Kids Storytelling & Family Photo Fun

(Only for iPhone. You can put it on the iPad but it will look a little pixelized.)

Grades 1 - 3 (Helps with creative storytelling)

IV) BT Sightwords (iPhone)(iPad)(Bundle)

Grade K & 1 (Helps see, listen, and interact with sightwords)

V) BT Handwriting (iPhone)(iPad)(Bundle)

Grade K & 1 (Helps in handwriting, reading, and number recognition)

VI) Reading Comprehension: Famous People (iPhone)(iPad)

Grades 3 - 5 (Helps in learning & retention of notable historical figures)

VII) Mathemagica (iPhone)(iPad)

Grades 1 - 6 (Prepare for elementary school exams, learn through flash cards, math drills)

VIII) Grandma’s Garden (iPhone)(iPad)

Grades Pre-K - K (Colors, shapes, numbers, letters, basic science centering around vegetables)

IX)Dragonbox Numbers (iPhone)(iPad)

Grades Pre-K - 4 (The game is designed to teach kids between 4 and 8 how to count, add and subtract, by building their
number sense. Unlike other games that focus on the
memorization of basic math facts, DragonBox Numbers
trains your child to work fluently and flexibly with numbers
in a fun and engaging game environment.)

Grades 4-8

I) Quick Math+ (iPhone)(iPad)(iPhone Bundle)(iPad Bundle)

Grades 4-8 (Helps in solving, memorizing, and comparing mathematical applications)

II) DragonBox Algebra 5+ (iPhone)(iPad)(iPad Bundle)

Grades 4-6 (Perfect way to get your child excited about mathematics while learning how to solve real equations.)

III) DragonBox Algebra 12+ (iPhone)(iPad)(iPad Bundle)

Grades 6-8 (This app teaches your child to solve advanced equations involving operations such as fractions and the creationof paramaters. It also includes a practice section.)

IV) Dragonbox Elements (iPhone)(iPhone Bundle)(iPad)(iPad Bundle)

Grades 6-8 (This apps teaches your child to solve geometry problems with ease.)

V) The Elements (iPhone)(iPhone Bundle)(iPad)(iPad Bundle)

Grades 4-8 (Perfect Reference App that uses pictures and words to describe the beautiful building blocks of our universe.)

VI) The Everything Machine (iPhone)(iPad)

Grade 1-8 (This game teaches simple programming while using the inner parts of your iPhone or iPad (camera, accelerometer, etc…)to create nifty contraptions like a cookie thief catcher.)

This list should be enough to hold your little one(s) over until school starts again. Have a fun and beautiful winter break everyone!

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