As Santa starts shining his sled and checking his lists (such a busy time of year), Apple is excitedly churning out their MacBooks for the holiday season.

Why would Apple ramp up their efforts, since their market share is still relatively small?

The answer would be that Apple is gaining a lot of ground in acquiring new users, and customer satisfaction reports[1], like the one from Consumer Reports, is helping Apple stay perched at the very top of the reliability game[1]. It would be hard for Apple to ignore that, “…71% of MacBook owners were completely satisfied with system reliability” while only 38% of Windows notebook users gave a thumbs up[1]. Pair this with ZDNet’s system failure report [2] and you’ll see that the argument of quality over quantity holds water.

Need proof?

Apple’s MacBook Air came in at 7% failure rate, while the MacBook Pro came in at 9% [2]. This seems high until you compare it with laptops that run Windows: 13% for Gateway, 14% for Samsung, 15% for Lenovo and Dell, and HP finishes with 20% and 23% [2] (depending on which line of netbook you are buying from them).

To sum things up, if you’re looking to buy a laptop for you or someone you care about this holiday, then your hard earned bucks would be best spent on a MacBook (Air if you’re a very mobile person, or Pro if you need a desktop replacement.)

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Happy holidays everyone! I hope 2016 is an even better year for you and your kin.


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