As the winter season approaches Apple has added a new category to our beloved App Store, and it’s called “Shopping". Now for many of us, shopping means long lines in stores that we don’t want to be in, possibly in areas of town that are questionable (to say the least), just so that we can get that special someone the perfect gift. But with the new Shopping category it’s easier and faster than ever to pop-in and pop-out, as well as avoid the dreaded lines of molasses, because everything is done online.

Now before you say, “This is nothing new, Justin", let me remind you of the times you spent searching the App Store for the outlet that your significant other loves. Did you find it on the first go around (which was probably just a skim through the “Featured” category)? Most likely not. You then probably spent another 10 or 15 mins in the “Business” or “Lifestyle” categories endlessly scrolling for that certain store, or something even remotely close, but came up empty.

Have I made my point?

Bringing us back full circle, you now know that Apple’s new category exist and you can save yourself a sleigh full (yeah I went there) of time finding the exact or similar stores, that will produce the right gift. As always Apple has made it clean, neat, and simple to traverse this category, so enjoy the ride and stay out of those crazy holiday lines.

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