“Technology changes our times, so that our lives are better lived than those before us.” (JP)

As the new iPad Pro rolls off the line and into your arms, there are some Apple professionals and fans who have reservations about whether or not Tim Cooks statement concerning the professional tablet is true. Here is what Mr. Cook said, "I think if you're looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore?”, "No really, why would you buy one?” [1,2]

Now if your an IT person or an ardent PC user, this may sound very odd.


Well, businesses run on towers (desktop, aka PCs) and laptops. Essentially they are the digital extensions of a business that allow employees to crunch the numbers and help consumers. It sure seems weird envisioning businesses running on nothing but an iPad…or does it?

Let’s take a minute to see what most endusers have in their office space: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, and telephone (we won’t add the weird spider plant that the employee before you left in the corner).

Alright, can the iPad Pro perform these functions?

Let’s take one thing at a time:

(1) Monitor: Despite that the screen on the iPad Pro is 12.9” with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 (your T.V. and possibly screen at work is only 1920 x 1080, aka "1080p”) it might be a tad bit small for some users.

So, can you connect to a monitor?

Yes. You need a lightning to VGA adapter (Link)[4] to do this. Since the dongle (aka adapter/connector) has a lightning port built in, you won’t have to worry about losing a connection.

(2) Keyboard: Apple has crafted a beautiful and slim keyboard that connects to the iPad Pro with ease. By ease, I mean worry and hassle free. Since the keyboard has a super cool connection bar, all you have to do is lean the iPad Pro back onto the familiar triangluar rest board, and voila it starts charging. Not to mention, Apple redesigned the keyboard from the inside out (Click here to see more about the keyboard: Link [3]), as well as made the sturdy keyboard double as a screen protector.

(3) Mouse: Since the days of the Xerox mouse, Apple has helped us get more from our beloved Macs. This time instead of reinventing the wheel, like multi-touch bluetooth trackpads, Apple left you with just the screen to touch. It makes sense, because we all have navigated an iPad with nothing more than our fingers.

In addition, if you think about how fast and mobile our world is becoming, it makes even more sense to leave as many peripherals behind as possible.

(4) Headset: Apple does not put headphones or a headset in the box, but more likely than not your current headset will work just fine with the iPad Pro.

(5) Phone: This is a little tricky because if you’re in the office you most likely have a VOIP phone (Voice Over IP phone, which has an Ethernet cable plugged into the back of it, with its power most likely coming from the switch it’s connected to.) That said, if your in the office and you want to get rid of the VOIP phone you can use a “softphone” (software phone/you most likely will have to buy an application). Here is an example of a softphone for the iPad Pro: Link [5]

In brief, everything that you would need at your desk can be replaced by the iPad Pro. All that I explained above doesn’t even cover that the iPad Pro allows all employees to be mobile, has the processing power of most laptops and a good number of desktops, inspires creativity & simplifies note taking (using the Apple Pen), saves tons of space on your desk, and eliminates nearly every cord in your office.

This is all great news Justin but what about connecting to the servers at my work?

Have you heard the expression, “There is an app for that"?

File Browser & File Browser Business Edition may be up your alley: Link [8]

Alright smarty pants, what about printing?

If your printer(s) have AirPrint then you’re golden. If not, then you can use a service like PaperCut (Link)[6]. Not your thing, then maybe Printer Pro could help (Link)[7]

So, it appears my former boss is right. Why would you buy a laptop or PC anymore?

Side note: Oh, Apple if you’re listening, Santa thinks it would be a good idea to send Justin and his 3 colleagues iPad Pros (Pens & Keyboards), so that they can run all the necessary test in a college-prep school environment (Huntsville, AL Randolph School) and see if a highly skilled IT team could use the iPad Pros to replace teacher workstations. Last, if you happen to have an Apple Watch that’s looking for a good home, then I would be willing to take it in.


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